Guest Rooms

Syoenso Hozugawatei offers relaxing spaces warmed by natural wooden tones. Take in the four seasons of Kyoto and pass the time slowly, forgetting all of your daily worries. There are various ways to enjoy your stay, including guest rooms with attached open-air baths, rooms with baths made from cypress, suites with both Japanese-style and Western-style rooms inside, a room whose attached bath boasts a scenic view (one room only) and more.

Six different types of rooms are available, giving you various ways to experience Japanese tradition.

Room Type AStandard Double Room
A comfortable Western-style room with a double bed
This comfortable room type is perfect for guests who prefer beds over futon
Size :
Western-style double

Room Type BStandard Japanese style room
Standard room types with the refined feel of Kyoto
Make yourself at home while enjoying the elegance of Kyoto in our standard rooms

Size :
from 12.5 tatami mats to 10 + 8 +
3 tatami mats
(two rooms + spacious veranda)*

Room Type CDeluxe 1 Living Room with 1 Bedroom
Two-room suites with both Japanese- and Western-style rooms
A combination of Japanese- and Western-style rooms with a meticulous focus on interior design

Size :
12-tatami-mat Japanese-style room +
6-tatami-mat Western-style room*

Room Type DThe open air bath of room
Rooms with attached open-air baths that focus on relaxation and uniquely Japanese refinement
Enjoy bathing in private with your travel partner in this room with attached open-air bath

Size :
from 10 tatami mats + 4.5 tatami mats to
15 tatami mats + 3 tatami mats (two rooms)
* One tatami mat is approx. 95 × 119 cm, or just over 3 × 6 ft.
Check-in/check-out Check-in at 3:00 p.m., check-out at 10:00 a.m.
No. of rooms 56

No. of guest rooms :
56 (Japanese and Western)
Total capacity :350persons