Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy of Syoenso Hozugawatei
We realize the importance of privacy for our clients who use our web site, we make every effort to cautiously and adequately protect their privacy.
We think the protection of personal privacy is our social duty, we also believe this is sacred for us to think about the trust our clients put into us and to promote better business.
We strictly manage private information of our clients who send us their reservation information.
1.Collection of private information
We ask you to input your private information in only the following cases.

  • When making reservations via this site.
  • When registering e-mail membership via our web site.
  • When asked to send your information via our web site.
  • When asked to answer a questionnaire
  • Except for the above mentioned times, if we need to ask for more information from our clients, we will ask you after informing you of our private information policy about handling of your private information.
2.The purpose and use of private information.
The private information submitted by our clients is used only in the following cases, we do not use it for any other purposes.

  • In the case where we supply services to the clients via this site.
  • In the case where we supply the information by e-mail to registered clients.
  • In the case where we need to contact the client for some reason.
  • In the case where we need analize our service and or products in order to improve them.
  • With the clients consent.
3.Safety measures
In order to avoid the lost, misuse, and or exchange of clients private information, we employ the following security measures
4.Opening of private information
We keep all clients private information adequately secured, we do not supply it to the third party, nor open them except the folloing cases:

  • With clientʼs consent.
  • The consignment business partner having the duty to protect privileged information about mainteining the system and management.
  • Upon legal authorities request
5.About the private information in the homepage link
We are not responsible for the collection and treatment of private information at the linked homepage site.
6.Obeying the law and other regulations
Pertaining to the handling of private information, is strictly obeyed.
7.Continuous improvement
Our site obeys the privacy policy,making a concerned effort for continuous improvement of the handling of private information.

April 1st.,2005

Information about privacy policy
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